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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

We’ve made it to the final part of our Shopify Editions review.

If you missed the other 3 parts you can check them out here:

If you want to take your business to the next level and scale and build your business, these new Shopify features can help you do so.

Built for Shopify

This new programme provides the tools and functionality which allow users to build an app that looks and performs like it's part of Shopify. Shopify has provided easy to follow guidelines and incentives allowing users to build high quality apps that benefit their business.

Check out the App Design Guidelines here.

Why we love it:

-New features can easily be added to the platform allowing the delivery of unique customer experiences.

-Seamlessly integrated within the Shopify admin

-Increased usability and performance

Shopify Functions allow you to write and deploy discounted customisations. Functions lets developers build apps that customise discounts, shipping and payment settings and then configure them in the Shopify admin. Functions were built to scale up for major sales events and still execute in under 5 milliseconds.

Look out for even more APIs coming soon!

Shopify Capital

Shopify Capital has increased funding for first-time borrowers. Users can check their eligibility for funding here. Suggested uses of funding include: payroll, inventory or marketing funding.

Why we love it:

This scheme allows users to:

-Avoid lengthy application processes with minimal paperwork and no personal credit checks.

-Get funding quickly

-Return funding as a percentage of sales, with payments that flex to fit your business.

Planet App

In addition to following all of the GDPR rules, businesses are under increased pressure to decrease their carbon footprint. Enter Planet, Shopify’s new app that automatically calculates your shipping emissions, and ensures high-quality carbon removal to neutralise your shipping footprint and uses your contributions to fund cutting-edge carbon removal projects that have the potential to reverse climate change. Even better, it comes with storefront icons and visuals so you can share your commitment to the planet with your customers.

What else is great about it?

-It has a seamless workflow which can be used directly in Shopify admin

-It works with the latest themes

-It is speed tested so has no impact on your online store

-Your Planet dashboard gives you access to real-time data showcasing the total impact of your efforts over time, which you can share with your customers.

What About other Features?

Additional features in the pipeline but which unfortunately may not be available in all regions include:

Data Protection

With an increased emphasis on Data compliance, Shopify is enhancing controls to support your business with privacy and data protection rules by adding new data minimisation, transparency and security requirements for apps.

Shopify Balance

Shopify Balance is a free money management account for your business allowing you to manage your money in your store’s admin. It has a number of benefits including getting paid more quickly, earning rewards, no monthly fees like you would pay in a bank and the ability to use your card anywhere Visa is accepted.

We’ve discussed just some of the amazing features available from Shopify. As a Shopify partner, we’re confident that it’s the best eCommerce platform out there. If you feel like you want to make the move to Shopify or want to enhance your site, we’re here to help.

Reach out to us or follow us.

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