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Run Your Business Without Added Stress

So you have found your customers, got them hooked, shown them just how amazing your brand is and found ways to nurture them so they’ll stay loyal, surely you’re set up for success now?

Well not quite, you’ve followed all the right steps so far but you still have to actually run your business. If you’ve missed out on our first two blogs you can check them out here:

If you’ve followed us so far while we explore Shopify Editions, then let’s check out their next set of new features.

Like many other people, one of the reasons you were probably drawn to Shopify in the first place was it’s ease of use. Shopify is once again looking after admin with a host of new features. These include a bulk editor tool, new app navigation and new staff and partner permissions. Shopify now has even more capabilities without adding extra stress or workloads.

Why we love it:

  • Apps are easier to access and faster to launch

  • New staff permissions make delegation simpler

  • The new and improved bulk tool editor allows users to manage and edit more than 50 records at once, directly in Shopify.

Issues with shipping adding additional stress? The Shopify Fulfilment Network could be the answer to your problems. With verified 2-day delivery to convert more buyers, free storage for six months per item, reducing costs and simplified returns to maximise your inventory, it almost sounds too good to be true. We reckon this could solve so many problems and are crossing our fingers it makes its way to Ireland asap!

On Cyber Monday our sales spiked to more than 16x our average and Shopify Fulfillment Network handled the surge in orders perfectly.

Why we love it:

-It makes delivery hassle free

-Simple, all-in-one pricing

- Gives you more time to spend on important things like building customer relationships

Shop Promise

Let's face it we all love an award, an acknowledgement, a five star review or a shiny new badge to display proudly on our site. Well, Shop Promise could be your next addition. The Shop Promise badge recognises a business' commitment to fast, reliable 2-day deliveries and hassle-free returns, the ideal way to grow sales and be discovered. Add in Order and Inventory Management to fulfil orders faster with shipping automation and accurate inventory tracking.

New products and features include: Shipping automations, Presets, Bulk printing, Fulfil-by-date and Inventory management enhancements. More efficient working for you and happier customers, what’s not to like?

Supplier to Buyer Logistics

Shopify’s planned acquisitions will allow them to build faster delivery, smarter inventory, and pre-fulfillment logistics support. This will have a whole host of benefits including easy supply chain management, new channels for growth and access to tools used by larger brands. It hasn’t yet been established if this feature will be available in all regions, but we’re hopeful.

Why these features are brilliant:

  • Less stress, more speed for your business

  • Satisfied customers

  • New competitive edges

Shopify Flow

Hallelujah this one is available for all merchants on the Shopify plan and above so we’re definitely not missing out! Shopify Flow lets you build custom workflows to automate commerce-specific tasks like inventory tracking, fraud detection, and email campaigns, so you can focus on what actually grows your businesses.

Why we love it:

  • Automations can be customised with simple trigger, condition, and action blocks

  • The ability to set up a workflow that flags high-risk orders to prevent fraud

  • You can segment customers based on parameters such as total spend, total orders, loyalty points, and more.

The above are just some of the ways you can add to your business without adding to your stress. If branding or marketing are on your mind we’re here to help.

Keep up to date with us and reach out if you ever need some expert advice, we’re here to help.

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