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Not one but two websites up for Digital Business Awards 2022 - Rocksalt & SeekDundalk

We are pleased to announce that two websites ZOMA have worked on this year have been shortlisted for the Digital Business Awards 2022 and are in contention for the title of Hospitality Website of the Year and Not-for-profit Website of the Year.

Rocksalt - Hospitality Website of the Year

Rocksalt Cafe is a finalist for the Hospitality website of the year and we couldn't be more thrilled! The team at Rocksalt have worked extremely hard over the past year to create an online presence that is both innovative, creative and functional, with an eye on giving their customers an exceptional experience from start to finish. Using video and photography produced by ZOMA's inhouse content creation team, the website is designed to highlight this content, is easy to navigate and showcases all the amazing food and coffee that Rocksalt offers. Customers can view Rocksalt's menu in their multiple locations or buy Rocksalt's signature blend and Gift Vouchers online which ensures no one misses out. Since the launch of their new website, both brand awareness and customer engagement has increased substantially. ZOMA are proud of the work we have accomplished with Rocksalt this year and look forward to seeing what the future holds!

Visit their website -

Seek Dundalk - Not-For-Profit Website of the Year

Seek Dundalk is a finalist for the Not-for-profit website of the year. This site brings together, in one place, all the murals and art projects that have been commissioned in Dundalk by Seek Dundalk. The website provides an interactive map, showcases the murals and where they located throughout the town of Dundalk. The website also gives a brief history of each mural and its artist. The website is a great place for visitors and tourists to find out about art projects in Dundalk. The website accomplishes this by connecting people, creating opportunities and encouraging conversations through this modern art form.

The Seek Dundalk Festival project began in 2019 and has so far seen over 20 murals created around the town of Dundalk. These murals can be found on shop walls, warehouses and businesses around the town. The most famous of all is the Lú Mural on the side of the Crowne Plaza, which featured on RTÉ news following its completion in September 2021. ZOMA are delighted with the work we have created this past year with Seek Dundalk and look forward to the Seek Dundalk Festival in 2023.

Visit their website -

More about ZOMA

ZOMA are a digital marketing agency that specialises in creating and building websites for any business or industry. Our team of experts will work closely with clients to create a website that perfectly reflects their unique brand which will tell the story of who each of our clients are and what they do. All in an engaging way to attract new customers as well as meeting the expectations of existing customers.

Our websites are fully responsive and they look great on any device. This is incredibly important because users will be accessing websites via laptops, smartphones and tablets. It’s also important to us that we make it easy to update website content.

Get in touch with ZOMA and we will help you build a unique website that delivers for your brand.

P.S ZOMA helped raise over €2,000 for the Movember Charity in November.


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