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ZOMA - Behind The Scenes

Episode 1: Food Videography

Our Visual Content Director, Richie, talks through the setup, equipment and planning behind our recent food video shoot for RockSalt Cafe and discusses what you need to consider when creating content for different digital marketing platforms.

And here is how the final video turned out!!

Episode 2: The First 6 Months

After a whirlwind first 6 months in business together, Richie (Visual Content Director), David (Managing Director) and Chris (Creative Director) sat down to discuss how they feel it has gone and what to expect from ZOMA over the next 6 months.

Episode 3: Our Office & Gym

We recently made some upgrades to our office, as well as adding a staff gym on site, so we decided now was a good time to show you around. David, our Managing Director, gives you a tour of the office speaking about the elements we wanted to include to make it a fun space to work, and why the gym and regular exercise is an integral part of our business.

Don't worry more episodes are coming!!


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