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What to keep in mind with e-commerce

While the COVID-19 quarantine will inevitably end at some point, many of the economic changes that are happening are likely to remain. Here are some general tips to keep in mind

1. Connect with your customers in a multi- or omnichannel way - Understanding that the same customer may, on different days, shop on Amazon, another online store, or come to your business in person.

2. Be transparent - If you're experiencing difficulties due to shortages, rising costs of certain items, or delays due to supply chain issues, be open with your customers. Keep them informed about the latest developments and don't try to hide problems.

3. Be flexible - During and, most likely, after the COVID-19 quarantine, customers appreciate having as many choices as possible when it comes to customer service, shipping, payment options, and every aspect of a transaction. For example, if you began offering home delivery service while you were forced to shut down, you might consider continuing this policy even when your doors are open.

4. Study your data - It's important for you to know which platforms and channels are bringing you the best results. You can also collect valuable information from customers directly through polls, customer service interactions, and monitoring social media comments and reviews.

More and more, customers now appreciate the convenience of online shopping. While the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 may have made online shopping even more appealing, this is actually a long-term trend that's likely to continue well into the post-pandemic future. In order to make the most of this, businesses need to offer transparency, flexible policies, and convenient omni-channel solutions for shoppers.

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