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Wellbeing - It's not Just for the Workplace

ZOMA is absolutely thrilled to have been selected as winner of the Workplace Wellbeing Category at the SFA Awards 2022. It was fantastic to be recognised for our commitment to workplace wellbeing, something which has been a key priority for us since our rebrand to ZOMA in 2021. Our delight at this acknowledgement was further heightened by the electric atmosphere in the RDS where we received our award on the 13th April in the company of over 400 business professionals from all over Ireland.

The SFA Awards were established to celebrate the achievements of small business in Ireland and to recognise the vital contribution of the small business sector to Irish industry. 47 companies were selected as finalists, from 12 different counties, across ten categories.

Workplace Wellbeing has become a buzz word in recent years.

Research has shown that an integrated approach to workplace well being can bring about greater productivity, profitability and improved service levels- a win win for business! But what exactly is Workplace Wellbeing and why do we at ZOMA feel so passionate about it?

Workplace Wellbeing in Official Terms

According to the International Labour Organisation Workplace Wellbeing relates to all aspects of working life, from the quality and safety of the physical environment, to how workers feel about their work, their working environment, the climate at work and work organisation. How effectively an organisation runs in the long term has been closely linked to worker wellbeing, with many studies showing a direct link between productivity levels and the general health and well-being of the workforce. With rising levels of stress and increased pressures on Irish adults, focus on workplace wellbeing has never been so vital.

Over a third of all adults in Ireland (36%) say that they regularly suffer from stress, higher than the global average of 31%.

The Irish Approach

Many initiatives have popped up around Ireland to try and reduce stress and increase through areas such as health promotion, hybrid working, fostering positive relationships and a good work environment to name but a few. The introduction of National Workplace Wellbeing Day by IBEC, (due to take place on the 29th April 2022) reflects Ireland’s drive towards employee wellbeing as the first country in Europe to have a day dedicated to employee wellbeing. From an Irish perspective, we are starting to see just how vital looking after our employees is on both a personal and professional level with an increase in companies incorporating wellness into their business strategies.

44% of organisations have explicitly called out wellbeing in their overall business strategy in 2021, compared to 26% in 2020.

The response to wellbeing has been uplifting (particularly in light of the Global Pandemic that came thrashing through our lives), but shouldn’t workplace wellbeing be a given? Shouldn’t every company have the mental and physical wellbeing of their employees embedded in their value system? Shouldn't wellbeing be part of everyday work life and beyond? We certainly think so and that is why workplace wellbeing is something we take seriously at ZOMA. For us workplace wellbeing is a daily consideration and not just a tick the box exercise bi-annually. Without it we firmly believe that we wouldn’t have the stellar team we have or produce the creative ideas we are renowned for.

The ZOMA Approach

Research by Deloitte showed 61% of employers reported employee wellbeing initiatives positively impact employee engagement and overall productivity.

We’re not wellbeing experts, but we do strive to look after our team by constantly seeking new and alternative ways to increase employee wellbeing. We can definitely say that our approach to team wellbeing and developing brands actively has certainly led to increased productivity, creativity and turnover since we began our ZOMA journey.

“No one ever has the perfect balance in life and we don't expect that of ourselves or of anyone who works here”

Richard, Visual Content Director.

Having re branded at the beginning of 2021 as ZOMA, we wanted to ensure that wellbeing was at the core of our business from Day 1. Incorporating mental and physical wellbeing has been fundamental to ZOMA’s success and we have achieved this through a number of initiatives including weekly team workouts, availability of healthy snacks and meal plans and the provision of comfortable, casual uniforms ensuring that all staff look and work smart when getting our creative juices flowing.

Developing Brands Actively

Corporate wellbeing platform Gympass found that 65% of employees surveyed felt they would engage in physical activity more often if their employer offered physical activity schemes.

At ZOMA, our mission is to ‘develop brands actively’ and we strive to achieve this in a number of ways. In addition to our on-site office gym, we have paired up with our active partner Fred's Functional Fitness who puts us through our paces weekly on Workout Wednesdays. With 44% of people surveyed in Irish HR practices saying the "always on" culture and screen time most effect their mental health, we strive to take time away from our laptops as often as we can. We find workout Wednesdays the ideal opportunity to refresh and get our bodies moving but also spend time as a team, motivating each other through some healthy competition. Work and life commitments mean that not everyone can make every session but we encourage all of our staff to take time to work out regardless, whether its a dip in the sea or a leisurely stroll, the choice is down to each team member. Fred is always on hand to offer fitness and nutritional advice for our team whatever their requirements and for those really hectic days, we have introduced standing desks to keep our bodies moving.

Wellness from the Inside and Out

“As we grow, it’s very important for us to keep that focus…mentally healthy as well as physically healthy”

Chris, Creative Director.

Although activity and physical wellness is a key factor in our success, we want to make sure our team’s wellbeing is catered for at all levels. Nutrition also plays a key role in how our team feels and performs. Our office is constantly stocked with endless delicious healthy snacks and our local providers Nude foods keep the team constantly nourished regardless of location with their delicious, balanced meals. Our contemporary office space features reminders of our values- ambition, creativity, dedication and commitment. Comfort is also key when it comes to work attire and we provide our team with relaxed, high quality gear. Richard Branson doesn't require formal attire and neither do we! Our team is kitted out in comfort, allowing them to produce high quality work while creating an open and calm atmosphere for engaging with clients. Who needs a shirt and tie when you can wear the ZOMA logo?

Promoting a culture of wellbeing in the workplace doesn’t only benefit employees when they’re working. For us wellness is a vital part of an entire lifestyle, not just something that fits into the work day. We firmly believe that the right workplace wellbeing will give employees the incentives, tools, strategies, and support to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours both in and out of the office. We are delighted to see that our commitment to wellbeing has been recognised with our receipt of the SFA Workplace Wellbeing Award 2022.

“The best way to describe the work environment at ZOMA is that you no longer dread Monday mornings”

James, Brand Development Manager.

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