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Unleashing the Web Design Powerhouse: Introducing Wix Studio

Hey ZOMA fam, fantastic news! Wix has rolled out something super cool called Wix Studio.

We can now create even more jaw-dropping websites for our clients at massive scale! Wix Studio comes with this slick development editor, giving us the power to fine-tune things exactly how you want. Plus, managing multiple sites is a breeze, and we get total creative control over the designs!

The New WIX Studio editor allows for more design freedom with new features added to make more powerful, creative websites for all our clients.

The AI magic is mind-blowing too. Wix Studio's AI layout design helps us whip up eye-catching websites in no time. And the AI even lends a hand with text and images, making our content look pro.

Don't worry, the user-friendly interface is still here to stay, making things smooth for both us and our clients.

With Wix Studio, we can even dive into Custom CSS, adding our own flair and giving our creative visions a platform to shine.

The ablity to use custom css more freely, lets us create any type of features for any of your ideas.

Wix Studio is a total game-changer for us. Now, we can focus on crafting amazing websites for our clients, while Wix's robust tools handle the tech stuff behind the scenes.

Here's to Wix Studio and the awesome growth it brings to ZOMA Brand Agency! We're pumped to take on more clients and showcase our skills with this powerhouse platform by our side.

Cheers to the future of web design! 🎉


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