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Sea Louth

Web Design | Web Development

Location: Louth

Industry: Tourism


The Brief

Louth is setting its stall as a must-visit staycation destination, with the launch of a brand-new scenic seafood trail: ‘sea louth’ covers the entire 70km stretch of coast, from Drogheda to Omeath, highlighting stunning scenery and the finest local seafood along the way. The new sea louth trail, officially launched on 29th June 2021, captures what’s best about County Louth’s 70km+ coastline, the spectacular scenery and the finest local seafood.

ZOMA were commissioned by Louth County Council to develop and design a website that would showcase this wonderful tourism initiative for County Louth and the North East of Ireland.

Our Approach

White background websites are classic, clean and easy to navigate. When they are done right, they can attract more users, create emotions and make images stand out from the page. After our design brief and from reviewing the wonderful visual content developed for the "sea louth" project including both photography and video, we knew a slick white background with bold headline font would make this project stand out to the user.

Developing an interactive map on desktop and mobile which had to be similar to the print map used in the sea louth passports and brochure was a bug part of this projects. Through us of animations, icons, anchors etc. we developed a map that highlighted all the wonderful scenic places, restaurants and producers.

We also developed website graphics like the main banner images and images of the passports and brochures to make sure it highlighted the brand and offering in the best light.

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