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Movember - We raised over €2,000

First of all, Thank you to everyone that donated to our Movember Page and helped us achieve our Movember Goal of €2,000.

We've raised funds and awareness this Movember for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in our lives.

Men will die on average 4.5 years earlier than women, and for reasons that are largely preventable. Which means that it doesn’t have to be that way: we can all take action to live healthier, happier and longer lives.

In order of best moustache

We've kept track of our Movember Moustaches over the last month.

#1 Niall Rowland - Salt & Pepper Moustache

#2 Richard Naylor - The Wispy Moustache

#3 David Kieran - The Half Decent Moustache

#4 James Corrigan - The Scruffy Moustache

#5 Euan Matthews - The Invisible Moustache

Vote For Your Winner!!

  • Niall

  • Richie

  • David

  • James

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