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Memories Boutique

E-Commerce | Graphic Design

Location: Carlingford, Co. Louth

Industry: Fashion

The Brief

Located in the heart of the lively town of Carlingford, Memories Boutique caters to all the accessories lovers searching for something chic & unique. With constant issues and crashes on their Wordpress site, Memories contacted ZOMA in late 2020 and commissioned us to create a new e-commerce site for them.

They wanted a platform that was reliable and easy to use and manage, but also one that also created a brand look that was in keeping with the current online fashion market. Our answer right away was the Shopify platform which allows merchants to add their own shop front, then manage and sell their products within the site.

Our Approach

The Shopify E-Commerce platform gives merchants complete control of their shop front, being able to add product ranges, categories and sale items among other features. In speaking with Memories, we felt the best theme for them to create a brand look that was in keeping with the current online fashion market, but also had a global feel was the Warehouse theme.

The website draws influence from the user journey patterns adopted by well known online retail stores, with multiple filtering layer options and intuitive navigation between both brands and categories of product. It creates an easy journey to checkout for the user.

We also setup marketing automations for Memories Carlingford including abandoned cart recovery, email automation and retargeting automations.

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