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Lobsters Direct

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Location: Dundalk

Industry: Food

The Brief

A brand and concept we were a part of from day one. When a local fisherman got in contact with ZOMA in September 2019 with an idea of delivering the finest live lobster and seafood from our Irish docks, right to the customers doorstep, it was a project we couldn't wait to catch! Lobsters Direct was born and today they are the number one online store for lobster and seafood in Ireland (no.1 ranked also) and have recently opened a retail store in our local town selling all their wonderful seafood products. See how we developed this brand below.

Our Approach

Brand Development

We created a brand strategy and proposition focusing on being "Irish", "The Ancient East" and "Premium Seafood". We felt a circular logo would represent the brand in the best way, as the circle is a fundamental shape of the natural world, one that occurs frequently in nature: oranges, dew drops and even the planet earth have circular shapes. From a design standpoint, this means that circles can be used to reflect a sense of nature or wholesomeness in a brand. The lobster red colour catches the eye straight away along with the subtle Ireland Flag embedded in the fisherman's rope. With the name and logo developed we created a brand pack for Lobsters Direct's including business cards, flyers, packaging, loyalty cards and large signage and vinyls.

Website Development

We developed an e-commerce website on the Wix platform for this project as we wanted complete custom design on how we designed the site. The E-Commerce platform gives merchants complete control of their shop front, being able to add product ranges, categories and sale items among other features. For the customer, the website draws influence from the user journey patterns adopted by well known online stores, with multiple filtering layer options and intuitive navigation between both brands and categories of product. We used a dark theme throughout to clash with the red and light coloured product shots to stand out the products from the black.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

With the brand and website developed, it was time to bring the lobster to the market. We developed a strategy consisting of localized social media advertising, pop up event marketing and Google Text & Display Ads to get this brand in the face of the public. As mentioned Lobsters Direct is now the no.1 ranked store for lobster and seafood online in Ireland and its led to the opening of a permanent retail store in Dundalk.

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