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How To Get Your Website Ready For Valentine's Day 2021!

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate something beautiful. For many decades, people have been treating Valentines as the most romantic time of the year (that's if they remember!).

Lovers aside, St. Valentine’s Day is a happy time for sellers! Gifts for him and her go down a treat, custom printed cards with messages of love, flowers booked and sent to your doorstep and sexy lingerie flying off the shelves all make for a sellers paradise.

So what do you need to do to get your site and socials ready for Valentine's? Firstly, think about and gather content. Before you hire a designer or open up Canva/Photoshop take an hour or so to think about what sort of mood do you want to set on your socials and e-commerce site on Valentines. Think about your customer, what do they like, what appeals to them and is it adult content only? Some options to consider:

Stock images that have a romantic feel - browse Shutterstock, Etsy (this Etsy collection has over 70 images to choose from, you will surely find one).

If these aren't to your liking why not try some cartoon and hand drawn graphics like this by Creative Market which appeal to your crafty users.

Photo props and PNGs are also great for decorating your existing portfolio of images. It's very easy to add these images (which you can find by searching for PNGs on 123RF, Shutterstock etc.) to an image on Canva, simply drag and add.

The next step is to figure out where to add the images to your e-commerce site . With an e-commerce store you will probably sell on your store, blog, socials and sites like Etsy & Amazon. All have different areas where you can add in your Valentine's imagery.

Banner images can be added to homepage, collection and product pages of you're e-commerce site and can be great for impact and highlighting a particular Valentine's sale or discount code. Announcement bars across your site can also highlight your main sale or promotion for Valentine's Day. Product images can also have ribbons added like below which highlight not only the sale but the day that's in it also. By using red and pinks here you straight away associate yourself with a Valentine's Day sale.

Get your socials ready too by adding images to banners of your social accounts and posts highlighting your sale and offerings for Valentine's. When creating discount codes remember to share the love - use words like Love, Heart, Special in your coupon codes.

Lastly, decide on what's achievable for you and your store when it comes to time and resources. Banners and ribbons will have the highest impact and involve the least amount of effort. So, if you're new to e-commerce and developing graphics the banner route is definitely the best bang for your buck.

Need help with your makeover?

If you’re struggling for time, a simple banner on your home page might do the trick. It's a breeze for our graphic design team. We can also help in other areas like automated discounts, ribbon set-up, social media campaigns and much much more. Talk to our team or call us (042) 9379 720.

P.S. Make sure you remember to change the design back to normal when Valentine’s Day is over, no one wants that much love!


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