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Google partners with Shopify on online shopping expansion.

With eCommerce on the rise, fueled by the various COVID-19 lockdowns and mitigation measures around the world, virtually every online platform is now working to align with this shift, and facilitate new shopping processes to help connect consumers with the most relevant recommendations and offers.

And Google is arguably in the best position to facilitate such. With connection to the broadest network of websites, including eCommerce sites and listings, Google is in prime position to provide the most relevant product comparisons, the most in-depth review listings, and help consumers in their eCommerce journeys.

Today Google has partnered with Shopify, introducing a new, simplified process that will let Shopify’s 1.7 million merchants, feature their products across Google in just a few clicks. This new collaboration with Shopify will enable merchants to become discoverable to high-intent consumers across Google Search, Shopping, YouTube, Google Images and more.

This partnership will let you link your favourite loyalty programs from merchants like Sephora to your Google account to show you the best purchase options across Google, helping brands and their customers foster a stronger, more direct relationship.

As one of Ireland's leading Shopify partners we are delighted to hear about the collaboration between Shopify and Google which will only further the strength and power of the ecommerce platform.


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