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Fairways Gardens

Web Design | Social Media | Content Creation | Digital Marketing

Location: Dundalk

Industry: Property & Real Estate

The Brief

The Fairways Gardens is a unique collection of luxury homes at the heart of Dundalk, County Louth. ZOMA Brand Agency were approached by the estate agents facilitating the sale of the properties - Blue Sky Property & DNG Duffy - to develop a marketing strategy for developing leads and inquiries for the properties and to create a "hype and buzz" about the estate.

Our team of creatives sat down and developed a strategy which included content creation, feeding into a digital marketing strategy across socials and the Google Display Network and directing traffic to a landing page/lead generation focused site. It turned out to be a huge success with the first two stages of the development selling out over a few months, even with a lockdown and construction closures thrown into the equation.

Our Approach

To showcase the premium luxury, feel of the properties in this estate we highlighted how important visually appealing content would be for the success of the strategy. Our visual content director developed a portfolio of content including video (walk-through videos, drone footage and surrounding footage), photography (property shots and estate shots) and large print graphics for billboards, digital displays etc.

We fed this content into a digital marketing campaign - focusing on Instagram primarily as it's a visual platform and has huge engagement rates within this industry. We also retargeted site traffic with video and display ads on the Google Display Network. Everything led back to our lead generation landing page where leads were captured and fed into a CRM system which could be used for email remarketing and follow up.

With everything trackable and reported on, the real estate agents knew every lead and potential sale that came from the digital marketing strategy and website and saw first hand how a successful strategy can sell properties online.

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