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Web Design | Social Media | Branding | Content Creation

Location: Cork

Industry: Food & Hospitality


The Brief

Through working with KSG, University College Cork got in contact with ZOMA back in January 2018 to develop a website and platform to showcase their on campus restaurants and daily offerings from each restaurant. They required a separate staff and student portal, with students being able to order their lunch only, where as staff could order their lunch but also meeting room requests through the staff portal. Daily management, content creation and promotion of the restaurants through social media and the website was a long term requirement for this project.

Our Approach

Through our experience in the hospitality industry we knew that the Wix Platform was the perfect solution for this project, as we could develop a system for both staff and students.

Firstly, we created a walk-through video of the restaurants to entice students to have their lunch on campus which we would use in the main banner of website and across all socials. We also arranged a photo shoot to show how the food was all locally sourced, showcasing the farm to plate culture of KSG & the green approach of UCC. We then developed a blog feature where all daily menus for the different locations could be posted to the website and ping straight in as an email to subscribers and also post automatically on socials. This meant students and staff knew what was on the menu every morning and could login and order right away.

In addition to the daily menu posts we developed events and graphics throughout the year like Meatless Mondays, Taco Tuesdays etc. which brought a fresh look to the restaurants each month.

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