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Dutchy's Fitness

Web Design | Digital Marketing | Social Media | Print & Media

Location: Dundalk & Cavan

Industry: Health & Wellness

The Brief

Dutchy's Fitness has two gym locations in Dundalk and Cavan. Their gyms specialize in weight loss programs, get fit programs, 6 and 12 week transformations and personal training. Darragh from Dutchy's Fitness approached ZOMA looking to develop the brands online presence and integrate all the different platforms they were using for marketing, emails etc. into one easy to manage platform. We straight away recommended Wix, with their specialist platform for the gym industry and the development of a digital marketing strategy to increase leads and sales.

Our Approach

With Wix developing a specific platform for the Gym Industry and with renowned gyms like Marchon Gym in London showcasing the platform, it was an easy decision for us to put Dutchy's Fitness online operations on Wix. The platform has gym management software to manage memberships, group classes, individual classes and online training sessions. With the latter, trainers can take their classes and sessions online with Zoom, meaning they can reach larger numbers and aren't limited to numbers. This was vital for Dutchy's to continue to earn revenue over the lockdown periods.

Black and white websites are classic, clean and easy to navigate. When they are done right, they can attract more users, create emotions and make images stand out from the page. With this in mind we sent our visual content development team out to create a portfolio of images and videos that could be used on the site but also for their digital marketing strategy.

With the site live we developed a marketing strategy for generating new leads. This include targeted social ads - video stories, video feeds and image feeds as well as using Google Text & Display Ads for certain keywords and retargeting. An example of our video ads can be seen through the following links - Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3. All ads were sent to a specific landing page for increased conversions and lower bounce rates.

Our graphic designers and print team designed up a brand pack for the Dutchy's brand including Training Program Booklets, Gift Vouchers and Flyers to keep the brand in the face of the user whenever they worked out our used their gyms.

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