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Location: Ireland

Industry: Sports Apparel, E-Commerce

The Brief

Coffee&Kimuras is the side hustle passion project of our Creative Director, Chris. Combining obsessions with coffee, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Chris used his graphic and product design skills and sourcing expertise to develop a BJJ and MMA fightwear brand that has become synonymous in the industry for its unique brand association, exceptional product quality and contemporary marketing methods.

By utilising the web design and marketing expertise of his ZOMA colleagues, Chris wanted to give his vision an online presence befitting of the quality of its products.

Our Approach

Creating a minimalistic product-focused ecommerce store,, was the first task the team tackled. Displaying the product ranges that C&K offer and creating a page dedicated to the athletes that Chris has sponsored to assist with the burden of being full-time athletes were the primary requirements for the website.

Developing a marketing strategy with emphasis on social media retargeting ads, athlete and event sponsorship has allowed a "bedroom brand" to build a presence in martial arts gyms across the world. With professional athletes competing on large shows in Europe and USA wearing C&K apparel, we have helped position the brand in front of a very specific target market on live TV broadcasts, pay-per-view and online streaming platforms.

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