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Big news on reviews: Google My Business releases tool to allow businesses manage reviews.

In the past, when a Google My Business Page owner flagged a bad or false review and submitted it for take-down, there was no way of seeing the status of the issue. Now that has changed.

The newest addition to Google My Business allows local SEO practitioners to see recent reviews on their listings in a single place and check the status of reviews they reported to Google.

You can access this new tool here.

Step 1 is to select your business, then select if you want to check the status of a reported review or if you want to report a new review for a take-down.

After you select report a new review for takedown, Google shares a list of your recent reviews that you can click to view on Google Maps or submit a take-down request:

If you select the option to "check the status" of a review you previously reported, it will show you those reviews, including the current status.

You can then select that review to see more information and can even submit an appeal if your take-down request was not accepted. Interesting as a no, is usually a no.

Why ZOMA care!

Previously, there was no real way to see the status of reviews you submitted for a take-down in an organized fashion. Now there is by using this new tool. So if you have a client or a boss who is impatient about removing a negative review, you can at least go to this tool to show them the latest status.

If you need support with your review strategy or Google My Business Page contact ZOMA by email or call us (042) 9379 720


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