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Location: Ireland, Northern Ireland & UK

Industry: Health & Wellness


The Brief

Airdog's green technology offers advanced air purification, certified by accredited test laboratories to eliminate viruses and bacteria including SARS-Cov2 / Covid-19. Airdog has the highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and CCM (Cumulate Clean Mass) of any portable air purification system on the market, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, effectiveness and air quality. They have four products on the market - Airdog X8, X5, X3 and FitAir.

Airdog UK & Ireland approached ZOMA in late 2020 to help develop their brand and to assist in bringing their product to market in Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK in 2021. An exciting project that ZOMA could not wait to get their teeth stuck into.

Our Approach

After many discussions and after finalising a short term strategy to begin with, the first step of our strategy was to develop a website that reflected the innovative and powerful brand of Airdog. Our design included a balance of animated features and videos mixed with a distinctive font and bold block colours. Through our research of innovative products on the market like Dyson, Samsung, Apple etc. we felt that a dark colour palette would create a unique look for their brand and make their amazing product stand out to it's audience. Our content creation team shot the product in a number of different settings and industries to showcase the product's flexibility. Due to the large amount of content on the site, ZOMA developed a content management system that was highly customisable and delivered their news and customer stories effectively.

ZOMA developed a marketing strategy for Airdog to follow, to showcase them as the leading light in air purification. Our strategy involved developing amazing visual content (including both real life video, and animations) which would increase awareness and user engagement. We are at the early stages of the strategy so keep an eye out on our socials and blog for updates on this exciting project.

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