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Web Design | Booking System

Location: Dublin

Industry: Food & Hospitality

The Brief

In working with KSG, ZOMA were approached by KPMG in 2019, to develop an in-house hospitality ordering system.

The requirements for the site were to allow all staff pre-book their lunch, which allowed the kitchen time to prepare the meals and also reduce waste by cooking exactly what was required. The system would also allow managers and directors organise food and beverages for meeting rooms if required and submit requests for big corporate events.

Our Approach

Through Wix's specialist food and reservation system we developed a system for all staff members to login and pre-order their meals. All requests were sent to kitchen management staff and notifications were sent to staff members to let them know when their lunch would be ready.

The system also allowed for meeting room requests and corporate event requests which came through as a submission form to kitchen management staff.

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