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Wix vs Wordpress and why ZOMA recommend Wix

If you’ve heard of Wix, it’s probably through their massive advertising campaigns that include A-list movie stars, pyrotechnics and million-dollar budgets. You will have an idea of their platform as fast, fun and flashy. In a way, they’re quite like the Apple of web builders. The one for the cool kids. A bit like ZOMA. You can see why we are a good fit and Wix Partner., on the other hand, would be more like Windows. A popular content management system, albeit one that favors coders who can do amazing things with it but leaves it very difficult for a normal end user to manage. We aren't here to say WordPress stinks, we actually have a number of clients on WordPress as it suited their business, but we will highlight why we choose Wix over WordPress the majority of the time.

Let us start with a video about the biggest failure of WordPress - Continuous Maintenance, Maintenance Fees, Update Crashes, Plugin Crashes and Website Crashes. All linked together as WordPress requires multiple plugins to create a functional website.

We have seen so many problems with WordPress over the last 18 months as plugins have not been updated by developers and website maintenance teams have not managed updates effectively with the pandemic. This leads to people having to watch tutorials and spend countless hours trying to fix their website. Queue our next video.

Next of all with WordPress all plugins must work together seamlessly, like cogs in a wheel, to have your website working perfectly. If a plugin updates it can cause issues with other plugins. Managing all these plugins and updates is time costly and budget costly if you're paying someone to manage your site. Any site we develop on Wix comes with no management fees. Once it's built, it's built.

Next is security and hackers. We will let this video explain the issues with WordPress.

Enough talk about WordPress, I'm sure you're wondering what Wix is all about. A quick 2 minute video should do the trick!

So who's for Wix? We are for sure!


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