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Wix Gets An SEO Upgrade With Deepcrawl Integration

Wix is upgrading its SEO capabilities through a partnership with Deepcrawl, which brings enterprise-grade technology to ecommerce business owners.

Wix and Deepcrawl are forming a partnership and announcing the immediate launch of custom designed SEO tools built with enterprise-grade technology.

An app built exclusively for Wix will provide personal and business users with Deepcrawl’s SEO technology for better website performance.

The app offers insights are often only available to large, global enterprise clients – like Adobe, Microsoft, PayPal, eBay, Twitch, and Canva.

Wix users will be able to use Deepcrawl’s tools to identify opportunities for digital growth while protecting their websites from code errors.

This integration is a big step forward for personal and business users of Wix, in terms of the SEO technology available to their websites.

Deepcrawl’s SEO Tools For Wix Available Now

Available now in the Wix App Market, Deepcrawl’s custom-built app for Wix is tailored for business owners who manage their own websites, and web professionals who build and manage websites for others.

The integration will allow Wix users worldwide to monitor their websites’ health, identify SEO opportunities, and automatically check website coding errors that could impact website performance and lead to poor results in search.

Deepcrawl’s app for Wix is said to be built with an intuitive user interface that’s accessible to individuals may not be SEO experts.

Further, much of what the app does occurs automatically. The app automates weekly website crawls and detects issues and errors such as broken pages, dead-end links, and content that doesn’t meet best-practice guidelines for SEO.

When issues are identified, Deepcrawl will provides actionable information on how to fix these them.

Nati Elimelech, Tech SEO Lead at Wix, states in a press release:

“In partnering with Deepcrawl, Wix is taking another notable step in democratizing SEO and giving all types of users functionalities and capabilities that were previously only available to large enterprises. We look forward to continuing to expand our SEO capabilities to meet the needs of web professionals and businesses today.”

The Deepcrawl app is available to Wix Premium through the Wix App Market.


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