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Why would a company outsource their digital marketing? We tell you why!

Over the past 12 to 18 months you've seen first hand the importance of digital marketing and e-commerce. Businesses who were prepared and adaptable to going online have flourished. Those who weren't have suffered dramatically and are now playing catch-up.

Business decision makers. We ask you this. Why has your business not flourished online when others have? The stats and figures are here to prove it.

Did you take the job on yourself? Did you feel you had the resources internally to change? Did you employ one of the many new pop-up freelance designers or marketers who simply weren't up to task and out of their depth?

Digital marketing is now the foundation of business strategies for 2021. Let's think of building a house and the importance of the foundation. You could probably do it yourself or hire a DIYer to take on the job. Yes, you might save money but will you achieve the desired results and if a problem arises where do you turn to? I doubt DIY Dave will be back to help when cracks start to appear and the house begins to crumble. For this reason, businesses see the importance of digital marketing to their future success and stability and are outsourcing their digital marketing to agencies like ZOMA.

To be competitive, investing in a well-planned digital marketing strategy is a clever decision for your company and you should either outsource partially or completely to a digital marketing agency. In this article, we will highlight reasons why.

Expertise & Experience

An effective digital marketing agency like ZOMA Brand Agency will be comprised of a team of experts in strategy, marketing, content, design, brand development, lead generation, ad campaign managers, development and more with the right experience across multiple sectors and industries. Experts in multiple marketing disciplines are at your beck and call. An avalanche of inputs and ideas received from these resources will be consistent and have tremendous value for your business, which might be a major issue with an internal marketing team.

Good agencies (like ZOMA with all our partnerships and contacts) also have access to special tools and software which gives them the benefit of fast and accurate research, analysis and strategy, less repetitive activities, faster implementation, optimum ROI and faster achievement of business goals. Plus, these applications require a considerable amount of investment. By outsourcing, your costs are saved instantly and you get access to an integrated, technology-rich set of marketing applications.

Creativity & Innovation

Take ZOMA for example. The team members in our agency constantly research and brainstorm ideas to enhance digital marketing results. Well acquainted with and experienced in the digital field, their minds are always brimming with fresh ideas to provide innovative, creative solutions for businesses.

You cannot afford the time it takes to create an in-house team of digital marketing professionals comprising of strategists, researchers, analysts, SEO experts, campaign experts, content writers etc. Scaling businesses should find an agency that takes up the job of creating an online strategy and execute it in a way that gives your business an immediate edge over its main competitors.

Free From The Daily

Agencies have a balanced structure. The various departments consist of strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, illustrators, content writers, web designers etc. There’s an equal distribution of work between the employees who do the work allotted to them within a set time-frame. Running a successful digital marketing plan requires a skilled group of people to strategise a plan, only after which implementation of it occurs.

We are in the era of outsourcing. Growing businesses are increasingly opting for outsourcing non-core activities to third parties. According to, the focus on outsourcing is based upon the simple fact that it is not possible to be competitive in non-core activities and it is therefore advisable to hand over such activities to the third parties.

If the digital marketing process is not the core area of your business then outsourcing it is a tactical and beneficial decision. You and your company will not be bogged down by the trivial issues and can concentrate on the central aspect of your business.

Maintenance & Development

Good agencies will do anything in their power to bring a business into prominence, as the success of their clients adds to the success of the agency itself. The reputation of an agency depends on the amount of success their clients have achieved. That is why at ZOMA the client is always the focus.

Improving ROI (Return On Investment) is necessary for an agency to retain a client. This is why agencies like ZOMA go that extra mile to maintain transparency with the client. The client is able to see their investment and the channels where it is being deployed. This also enables the client to track ROI of different digital channels and status of the overall business goals.

The work of agencies should not stop after the creation of a website, social media channel or a strategy. Further maintenance and development of the website and its respective content is crucial. This ensures that the stability and innovation of the content created is maintained. You may have the prettiest and most user-friendly website in the world but if you're not marketing it and bringing traffic to it through engaging content, your expectations of what the website should be achieving will never be met.

So ....

To increase traffic, brand awareness, customer engagement and sales, your company needs to be active in multiple digital marketing campaigns. An integrated multi-channel digital marketing and communications strategy is what big brands look for.

If you plan to start digital marketing with a fully exhaustive approach and manage it in-house, you will have to build a big team. Alternatively, outsourcing to a full-service digital marketing agency could be an option.

Can you set up an in-house digital marketing team? Do you already have one? Setting up and managing a full digital marketing department involves time and money. You will need experts in strategy, content, design, branding, lead generation, ad campaign managers, development and more with the right experience.

Digital marketing is very dynamic. For success in the digital world, it’s crucial that marketers stay on top of emerging trends, best practices, and new technologies. If you manage digital marketing in-house, training and development will also consume resources. Alternatively, if you outsource, you save on training and development costs.

To make the most of digital marketing opportunities and grow your business, outsourcing to a digital marketing agency seems like a really good idea.

Why not try a free consultation with an agency like ZOMA? If you got this far down the article, we're sure you're intrigued to hear what we have to say and offer.

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