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Louth firm launches new food ordering app to keep costs down for restaurants

The award-winning Dundalk marketing agency ZOMA is set to spice up the food industry with the launch of munchd, an online food ordering platform built specifically with the aim of helping local restaurants and takeaways.

“In the current economic climate, the hospitality industry is struggling to keep up with rising costs, so every little bit we can give back to the takeaway and restaurant owners will go a long way in financial stability,” David Kieran, ZOMA Managing Director said. "Through working with a local business, Tony’s Pizzeria in Park Street, we found we helped the business save thousands on unnecessary commission and transaction costs.”

Vincent Del Duca, owner of Tony’s Pizzeria, which won the award for best pizza at the recent Irish Takeaway awards, confirmed that the platform has had “a massive effect on our profitability and business"

“I always recommend munchd to all similar businesses, just the commission rates alone, the savings you make on that is the difference of a week’s wages.”

Several other popular local restaurants and takeaways have already signed up to munchd which will be showcased at the Hospitality Expo in the RDS this week.

Unlike other platforms that charge hefty commissions and transaction fees, munchd boasts a game-changing zero per cent commission model and 1.4 per cent transaction rate on orders, allowing restaurants and takeaways to increase their profits and thrive in an increasingly difficult economic landscape for the hospitality industry.

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In contrast to traditional online ordering systems that can burden restaurants with crippling and sometimes hidden transaction fees, munchd operates with a transparent approach. This model allows businesses to maximise their profits and ultimately offer more competitive prices to their customers. munchd's commitment to

local businesses extends beyond its zero per cent commission model. The platform allows the user to control all customer data, build brand loyalty and promote their business all from one central hub.

For the customer, munchd offers a user-friendly experience for ordering food. The platform already boasts a diverse selection of local restaurants and takeaways. With just a few clicks, diners can browse menus, place secure orders, and track their deliveries in real-time, enjoying the comfort and convenience of online ordering for their favourite restaurants. Users can order from their favourite local takeaways and restaurants by visiting or by visiting the business’ own website.

Restaurants and takeaways interested in joining the munchd platform can register by visiting

Margaret Roddy

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