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Google Shopping Experience Scorecard - Promoting Businesses Providing Excellent Customer Service

In an effort to enhance the customer shopping experience, Google has announced the introduction of The Shopping Experience Scorecard Programme.

The purpose of this service is to measure the level of customer experience that a company provides. The programme’s primary aim is to reward businesses who provide an excellent customer experience with increased visibility in the Shopping tab.

In order to ensure success for your business in this programme, it is vital to pay attention to particular metrics which can elevate your score.

The metrics being measured by the Shopping experience scorecard programme are:

  • Delivery time

  • Delivery cost

  • Return cost

  • Return window

As the programme monitors your performance under each metric, your company will then be provided with a rating of Excellent, Comparable or Opportunity on each metric.

It is important to note that although Google may make your offers more prominent on the Shopping tab or in promotional modules if you provide information for some customer experience areas it is necessary to submit information for all areas to receive badging on your listings.

Google will evaluate the information provided on a daily basis. However, there is a fixed look back period. If you have received an Opportunity or Comparable rating for a period of time, it may take a few weeks for your improvements to be reflected in Google's evaluation. All merchants on the platform are eligible to receive benefits from the programme and your performance will then be evaluated against all other merchants.

If your business doesn’t have any ratings or if particular ratings are missing, this may be for various reasons. It could be because you’re not currently providing the required information, or due to the fact that during the look back period, your offers haven’t received sufficient impressions. The Shopping Experience Scorecard tab will allow you to view the areas where you’re providing information and to learn how you can update missing information.


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