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Online Retail Scheme

Enterprise Ireland has announced their highly successful Online Retail Scheme.

This new wave of support has a total fund size of €9.3 million

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If you are an Irish-owned retail business and you want to boost business growth in these unprecedentedly challenging times, we invite you to come work with us.

As part of the Enterprise Ireland Digital Marketing Unit, ZOMA can help make this happen!

All you need to do is contact ZOMA to find out your eligibility and we can discuss the application process.

We have helped a number of businesses in Ireland to successfully recieve this funding in previous years and are helping businesses once again in 2022.

We create premium brand experiences for our customers of all shapes and sizes.

Clients that we've helped

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ZOMA Client Logos Desktop.png
ZOMA Client Logos Layout-141021.png
ZOMA Client Logos Layout-141021.png
ZOMA Client Logos Layout-141021.png
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Start your Application Process with ZOMA

To apply for a callback and start of your application process, please give us your details below and we’ll be in touch with you.

The Enterprise Ireland closing date is Wednesday the 1st of June at 12pm (noon)
We urge you to get applications in early

Contact Us

Have some questions you'd like to ask...

Our Marketing Team are very well versed and experience with the Online Retail Scheme.

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